Spring Cleaning for Social Media

It is the time of year that everyone is cleaning out their closets, their homes and their offices. But did you remember to scrub your social media? 

For those of you out there looking to find work this year, be sure to remember to clean up your social media (and parents of recent graduates this is good advice for your children). If you think recruiters and Hiring Managers stop at your cover letter and resume when deciding whether to give you that coveted interview, you are wrong… very wrong.

As a recruiter when I get a cover letter and resume the first thing I do is go to LinkedIn to make sure the resume matches with the profile. I cannot tell you how many times I find that the resume has been altered to match my position and a career law clerk is really an out of work lawyer that forgot to mention that degree on their resume. Now you think that may be a find, a lawyer working as a law clerk at the price of a law clerk, but it is not. It is a real problem for my client and I need to know that before I present them for a position. A lawyer who is taking a job as a law clerk is typically doing so until something better comes along. You cannot fool a good recruiter or Hiring Manager-- so make sure your LinkedIn is up to date and matches your resume, and do not make such substantial changes between the two so it appears you are being deceptive, burning bridges is never a good idea.

Facebook… some are under the misconception that Facebook does not matter because it is for personal use.  But it does. When I am placing a role for a client it is my job to make sure that candidate is best suited for the firm/company. I search the internet for anything I can find on a candidate, including Facebook.  Yes, I know Facebook is personal, it is not a professional network like LinkedIn. However, there are some things that are so inherently detrimental and inappropriate that if you are in the job market you should know better than to have that information publicly available. I do not need to state the obvious but your Facebook page should be free of any overly provocative photos, anything that can be deemed hateful, or in short anything you would not want an employer to know about you. 

Therefore, to all job seekers and parents of young professionals looking for a job, take the time to do some valuable spring cleaning and scrub your social media this spring break. 

Some websites that assist you in doing so are https://www.scrubber.social, https://www.repnup.com, https://www.socialmediascrubbers.com. 

JTF Recruitment Consultants is a boutique legal search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of lawyers, law clerks, and all legal and administrative staff in Canada. We take your future very seriously and will keep your information completely confidential. Joanne Rossi, Managing Partner, JTF Recruitment Consultants, joanne@jtfrecruit.com