How We Are Different

Our fees are lower than our competitors because we are better able to quickly identify our client’s needs and recognize qualified candidates.  We can afford to charge you less and still do better!

We have the unique ability to attract the best talent because they recognize that, as a research-based firm, we place our efforts and resources in knowing our industry and market and are thus best equipped to manage their careers.

Our clients receive unmatched attentive, personalized service.

We abide by a code of ethics that exceeds the industry standard. 

We spend more time getting to know our candidates than any other placement firm.  Our screening process results in lower employee turnover, and long-term success and savings for our clients.

Our managing partner is a seasoned lawyer with experience in boutique and large law firms -as well as an in-house legal department- allowing us to pinpoint levels of success according to environment.  She has over 22 years combined experience as a practicing lawyer and recruiter.

We only accept job orders that we are confident we can fill with the highest quality candidates quickly and cost effectively.