In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
— Albert Einstein

North America’s Premier Resume Writers, Career Counselors… and so much more.

Employment MadeEZ knows that finding the right job can be challenging.  We also know that every person and every job search is unlike another.  That is why we do customized packages tailored to each person, and their job search needs—we call this “concierge career counseling.”  This allows us to speak with you, find out what issues you may be having, and customize a package to help you achieve optimum success.  We don’t list prices on our web site, because we are not selling a product.  We are providing a service that will result in you finding your next best job and we assign a price designed to help you achieve your goals quickly and cost effectively.  We guarantee our prices are competitive with the marketplace, but our services are far superior.  Some of these services include:

  • Resume Writing -Including a phone call to extract all information that can be valuable to your resume (we call this “getting to know you better than you know yourself”) with revisions as needed.
  • Cover Letter Review and Writing - This could be one customized form letter for you to use and revise, or assistance on each individual job you are applying to in order to achieve optimum results.
  • Thank You Letters - This could be one for you to use and make revisions, or assistance on each individual job you are applying to in order to achieve optimum results.
  • Interview Preparation - Generic or customized to your specific interviews (we start at two thirty-minute sessions and can increase per your needs) we have found that our clients that use us for at least generic interview preparation have increased their chances in getting a job by 60%, those who use per interview that number is up to 95%.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review and Development
  • Social Networking Development - Which can include review of any negative information currently available to employers and working to rectify the situation.
  • Target Job Searching
  • Tracking - Assistance with maintaining an accurate history of your job search and results.
  • Network - Access to our network of over 3000 professionals in every industry.
  • Professional “back door” Reference Checking - We make sure your references are working for you not against you.
  • Contract Negotiation - You have that offer, now how do you get what you need.
  • 3-7 Business Day Turnaround Depending on Your Package
  • 90-Day Interview Guarantee - If you do not have an interview in under 90 days we will re-do your resume and evaluate your strategy.

We ONLY work with you if we believe we can help you find a job in a reasonable period of time.  We won’t take on your business if we don’t believe we can get you employed in the field of your choosing.  We have a 100% success rate because of our process of selection and our concierge services.

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.
— Thomas Jefferson