Working with Joanne was first class, efficient and excellent. The utmost professional. We worked remotely and used technology to talk face to face, as well as perform interviews. She put forward excellent candidates and was extremely quick to follow up and debrief us. Her pricing model is very good and provided excellent value for the money. She is honest. She was recommended to me by someone highly respected in the legal sector. They were not wrong and i would also recommend Joanne Rossi - Toronto Legal Recruiter and Lawyer.                                      Bill Lill, COO Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP


Joanne was retained to assist our firm with the hiring of an intermediate level lawyer earlier this year. I can honestly say my experience with Joanne was one of the best iv'e had with a recruiter. Joanne's entire approach was based on the specific needs of our firm. She was well-informed, pleasant to deal with and very quick to respond to any questions i had. Over all the process was fast and painless and resulted in the successful hiring of our lawyer. I would definatly work with Joanne again should the need arise in the future.                                           Nancy Mastrolonardo CHRP at Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel LLP (KRMC)   


It is my pleasure to recommend Joanne. We have recently retained her to assist with our recruitment needs and our only regret is we didn't do so sooner. She has taken the time to come and see us in our office and get a sense of who we are and the type of person that would best fit the position available. She takes the time to properly assess the candidates and recommend the most suitable for our firm recognizing and understanding the attributes we are looking for. She is a true professional and i have no hesitation in recommending her.                  Walter Rigobon, Partner Rigobon Carli Lawyers & Trademark Agents


Tenacious, Professional and Extremely Proactive! Those are the words i would use to describe the experience in working with Joanne! She was always available to debrief on the applicants and was very flexible and prepared to provide alternatives if needed. I would strongly recommend Joanne and her firm for all of your legal recruitment needs!                                                                               Stephen Hinds, MA, CPHR


"Since day 1 Joanne understood our organization's unique people-first culture, our ambitious vision moving ahead, and the strengths/challenge of being a mid-sized GTA firm. She has successfully found us talented individuals that fit in all aspects and is becoming the first call I make when I think expansion."  
          Puneet Kohli, Partner-Business Law Group at Simmons Da Silva + Sinton LLP


"Joanne is a pleasure to deal with. A consummate professional! I would not hesitate in recommending her."                                                                                                                                           Joseph Adler, Franchise Lawyer & Partner at Hoffer Adler


"My team expected the search to last up to six months due to our determination to find the perfect fit culturally. Joanne spent an inordinate amount of time understanding us, our culture, and our needs for the position. We were incredibly impressed when she found us the right candidate in under 30 days – and it was the first person Joanne brought to us." 
                                       Chris Fountain, CEO-Pita Pit 


When the nature of your business is specialized, particularly in the case of providing specialized legal services, I have found that many of the employment agencies who claim to know exactly what is needed when hiring a law clerk or legal assistant have difficulty providing quality candidates. I have found that Joanne Rossi with her years of being a lawyer, better understood the specific experience and training that met the needs of our firm in the positions we were looking to fill. Joanne was also energetic and responsive in the provision of her services, and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to assist a law firm to find qualified candidates.                                                                                       Mark Carruthers, Business Manager at Foster, Townsend, Graham & Associates LLP


Joanne Rossi is by far the kind of recruiter that you want working for you. Without a question, she is always accessible, very responsive and prompt with all queries and concerns, and undeniably goes to extra lengths to find the answer. I ask any interested candidate or client to contact her and you will find out yourself as to what I mean.  As a former lawyer herself who has seen it first hand and can relate with her own experiences, Joanne knows exactly what to look for in matching candidates with clients. I would recommend JTF Recruitment Consultants and Joanne any day to all legal professionals and  personnel.                                        Mieszko Chuchla, Lawyer at McHugh Whitmore LLP


Joanne was such a pleasure to work with! Joanne was so encouraging throughout the process. and made me feel confident about my career choice. Her encouraging attitude and friendly personable attitude was such a breath of fresh air. i knew i made the right choice and felt very excited about the new chapter in my career.                                                                                                                                                                                                Crystal Luckhardt, Law Clerk at Pavey Law


Joanne was a complete pleasure to work with. She is very professional, informative and pleasant. I recommend Joanne to anyone looking to enhance their career and don't know where to start.                        Maria DiBartolomeo, Office Manager at Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP  


Joanne is the best recruiter! She new exactly what i was looking for when i needed a job and fought for me to be placed at the right firm. Thank you Joanne!                                                                                                             Natasha Ricciutelli, Legal Assistant at Parente Borean LLP


I highly recommend Joanne as a legal recruiter. My experience with Joanne was markedly different from other recruiters with whom I have worked. She really cares about her clients. Joanne has a straightforward but empathetic communication style which I appreciated. Joanne contacted me shortly after opening up my own law firm about a very interesting opportunity. Joanne was always available and highly professional. I hope to work with her again.                                                                                                     Beth Gearing, Principal and Business Lawyer at Gearing Law Professional Corporation    

Throughout the entirety of my job search, and the many different recruiter's I had dealings with, none of them came even close to comparing to the experience I had with Joanne. Not only did I feel like she was working hard to help me, she cared about what I wanted and how I was treated, an experience I can safely say no other recruiter even came close to. She has always went above and beyond to provide the very best experience and has been a tremendous support throughout the entire process. I could not recommend her highly enough.                                                                                                                                                                  Harry Grewal, Associate at MSN Lawyers


Joanne truly sets the standard for legal recruitment. She took exceptional care in ensuring that my needs matched those of my prospective (now current) employer. Joanne provided thoughtful guidance throughout the recruitment process and made herself available for any questions that came up. She was engaged and transparent from beginning to end and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.                                                                                                         Idan Erez, Associate at Hoffer Adler


"I was very impressed and pleased with my experience in working with Joanne when I was seeking a new general counsel position. Rather than merely review my background to match me with one or two opportunities listed with her firm, she took the time to learn and understand what I was looking for in a new legal position. Additionally, she was extremely helpful during the offer and negotiation stage and offered insightful advice to assist in determining a fair and reasonable final offer. I am very grateful to have received her assistance with my search of legal employment opportunities and feel that she was instrumental in my obtaining my current position as General Counsel with the Canadian office of an international quick service restaurant franchising brand. I would without hesitation recommend Joanne if you are looking to make a change in your legal career."                                       Brent Sabean, General Counsel at Pita Pit Limited


As an independent contractor i have worked with a number of recruiters in my career. Joanne has been exceptional in her role as a recruiter in that she naturally becomes a partner in your career development with her very skilled approach to connection candidates to opportunity. She takes exceptional care in knowing her client as well as investing in truly understanding and representing her candidate in the most professional and thorough manner. By the time i met my prospective employer, we mutually felt that we knew a significant amount about each other and it was a comfortable process of confirming the fit. Joanne continues to amaze me with her dedication in checking in to ensure and support the success of the match that she made happen. Joanne prides herself in working with clients that she is confident offer all of the elements for a fulfilling career and takes the responsibility of actively presenting the right candidates very seriously. When committing to working with her, one can be confident it is time well-spent  and the best possible results will be realized. It is simply her standard.                                                    Lisa James, Law Clerk


Joanne was such a pleasure to work with. I am a family law clerk. Joanne approached me with a new and exciting opportunity. Joanne is professional and personable. She made me feel important ad confident with this opportunity. The decision to make a move was not an easy one for me. Joanne made the decision making process much easier. She worked with my business schedule and arranged the interview. She asked all the important questions when negotiating the employment arrangement. She took the stress out of this process and made the transition seamless. I highly recommend Joanne.                                                                                                            Denielle Boyer, Senior Law Clerk


"It was a pleasure dealing with Joanne. She was great at communicating with me and took the time to understand what I was looking for. She provided me with valuable insight during the interviewing stage and was very supportive throughout the whole process. I would recommend Joanne!"                                                                                                                                                    Leslie W. Woo, Legal Counsel


"Joanne is an excellent recruiter and a great career advisor! She was able to help me get a job quickly and provided me with excellent support and advice. Joanne took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for and made sure the position matched what I was seeking. She always kept me updated and was available at any given time. I am very grateful for Joanne and all of her hard work!  I would 100% recommend her to friends and colleagues!"                                         Trish Vrotsos, Lawyer at Bennett Best Burn LLP


"Joanne exemplifies professionalism and excellence in service in legal recruitment. Joanne's international experience as a practising lawyer gives her the insight to place a lawyer's experience in the market. She goes the extra mile to match lawyers with law firms. If you are interested in career opportunities or have a recruiting need, I would recommend Joanne." 
                        Teresa Cheung, Member at Immigration and Refugee Board


"Joanne is professional and responsive. Meeting with her is a pleasure and not a stress. Very quickly, she focuses on the strengths of a candidate and offers positive comments and strategies. Joanne quickly managed to find suitable opportunities to explore and very quickly arranged interviews with possible employers. I have dealt with other recruiters before and she stands head and shoulders above them. Joanne worked as a lawyer in the private sector so she understands the trials and tribulations of being a lawyer. I am confident that Joanne will help me find my next career placement soon and I would highly recommend her to my colleagues or to anyone else looking for an employment change in the legal field."   
Julian S. Toronto Lawyer


"When my friend had advised me to seek the services of a recruiter when I was in the midst of looking for a new career position, I had my doubts. However, Joanne Rossi was amazing! She worked hard to get to know me as an individual and stayed by me to find the right placement and provided me with the right guidance that I needed. Joanne understood where I was coming from and did everything she could to ensure that I made the right decision for my future. She is reliable, honest and trustworthy. Anyone seeking a new legal position should definitely seek the help of Joanne Rossi." 
                                             Kamani M. Toronto Law Clerk                                                                                             

Joanne was a great resource and mentor during my job search. She helped reframe my approach and prepare for interviews. Within weeks of working with Joanne, I had found much more success landing interviews and quickly landed the job in the practice of my          choice. Joanne was always responsive, encouraging and worked hard for me.                          Stuart McAlister, Lawyer  


Having worked with legal recruiters in several countries, Joanne is unlike any other! Of particular note her availability and responsiveness. No matter what time she was accessible to me and when we did talk the reassurance that she provided was priceless in what was an already stressful process of seeking employment. I feel privileged to have connected with her and look forward to working with her throughout my career. Recommend her most highly!                                             Dylan A.S. Bal, Esq. Litigation Lawyer


Joanne was an invaluable resource during my job search. Her professional and friendly demeanour was incredibly encouraging. She provided me with solid leads that lead to a wonderful position Thank you so much!.                                                                                                                    Katelynn Paul R.E. Law Clerk at Morris & Morris


As a career counsellor, Joanne is the consummate professional. She is skilled, knowledgeable, holistic, and most importantly, absolutely devoted to helping her clients achieve success. As she has assisted me in my own career, I have truly felt her desire to see me succeed. More than that she has had a unique ability to teach me a diligent, methodical, and purposeful way of finding opportunities in my career. She compliments that with the even more unique ability to embolden people, to encourage them in their search, by providing them not with only the tools to succeed but also with the facts they need in order to understand the mistakes they have made, why they have met rejection in the past, and most importantly the fact they they use the tools and knowledge she imparts to them, they will achieve their career goals. In brief, Joanne has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for better career opportunities, and especially to anyone who feels like they have hit a wall.                                                                                                                                                      Leonidas Mylonopoulos, Student at Law at Vassos                                  

I was very impressed and satisfied with my experience in working with Joanne. She is very knowledgeable about the legal recruiting industry, and is a pleasure to speak with and deal with from a client's perspective. She assisted in reviewing and making revisions to my resume and cover letter, and gave me a confidence boost with respect to my possibilities in this profession. Thanks for your help Joanne!                        Alexandra Ciobotaru, Associate Counsel, Legal Services at York Regional Police  


Joanne was a supervising attorney for a large legal team at Sullivan and Cromwell when I met her. She was always a consummate professional, and able to manage and motivate her team toward common goals while acting as a liaison for the firm's attorneys. She was well-respected by all, and I would not hesitate to engage her services today.                                                               Robyn R, General Counsel of Stanley Marketplace


I applied for a position on a law clerk website and was contacted by Joanne Rossi of JTF Recruitment Consultants. Joanne told me about the opportunities she had but unfortunately i was offered a position that i had to take because i didn't want to chance losing the job. To be honest, initially i assumed Joanne had invested in finding me a job what other head hunters have.... nothing but their fee at the end if securing someone a position. Joanne was personally affected by my decision and contacted me after i had gotten a sense of what the position i had to take was all about. Joanne did not say anything but it was only her expression of sincerity that i took a contract position over permanent and i instantly believed and trusted her. I went for the interview and just like she thought it was a perfect fit. I highly recommend Joanne's services to anyone looking for a job or a recruiter.                                                                                                                   Amy Barbosa, Law Clerk