You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.
— Wayne Gretzky

Our Founding Partner

Joanne Rossi founded Employment MadeEZ after owning JTF Recruitment Consultants and spending over 10 years as a resume writer, career counselor, and much more.  A lawyer herself for over 12 years, Joanne started her professional career practising Intellectual Property law in New York, Connecticut and Hong Kong. She expanded her areas of practice to include securities litigation spending several years working on the Enron litigation for Sullivan & Cromwell in New York.

After relocating to Canada Joanne transitioned into legal recruitment and found herself enjoying the career counseling part of the job. As a recruiter she has a unique perspective into what the hiring managers are looking for when they are staffing a position.  Joanne is different from other career counselors. She knows that in today’s difficult economy, there is a real and present need for a different approach to securing your first job, or the job of your dreams that you thought was impossible.  One that involves personalized service and customized and targeted job searches.  We call this service “concierge career counseling.”  When we work with you, you are our priority and every client package is tailored according to their specific needs. 

Employment MadeEZ knows that finding a job can be a challenge.  Whether you are a student starting your job search in anticipation of graduation and want to get a leg up on your competition, someone who just entered the marketplace and is struggling, or an experienced professional who wants to land their dream job and command a salary that compliments your years of experience and professionalism-we are here for you and our customized services will help you achieve your goals!   We make sure that for each application, you are making yourself a viable contender and not being passed over because you have not put your absolute best foot forward-or you missed something that only an experienced professional would know.

If you work with us, we guarantee that the level of success in your job search will be dramatically increased and finding a job will be easier and less time consuming.  We do the work for you, and the work we do equals success.  Please contact us today to get a free thirty-minute consultation.